Graceful and deadly like a snake. For one's own sake, never believe the pretty little lies underneath her cunning hazel eyes. For masked by an innocent face, can be the one who'll end your days.


“I like what I like, and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

Halfling Thief 3

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Attributes: STR 14, CON 11, DEX 18, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 16

Initiative: +4
Speed: 6

HP: 32; Bloodied: 14; Surges: 5 (7 HP)

AC/Fort/Ref/Will: 17/13/14/17

Basic Melee: Short sword (10 vs. AC, 1d6+6 damage)
Basic Ranged: Shortbow (9 vs. AC, 1d8+6 damage)

At-Will Powers: Ambush Trick, Unbalancing Trick
Encounter Powers: Backstab, Second Chance

Trained Skills: Acrobatics +12, Bluff +9, Perception +6, Stealth +10, Streetwise +9, Thievery +12

Feats: Light Blade Expertise (campaign bonus), Eager Advance,

Additional Features: Nimble Reaction, Bold, First Strike, Sneak Attack, Weapon Finesse, Thief Weapon Talent

Gear: paired short sword and dagger, 4 throwing daggers, shortbow, leather armor, standard adventurer’s kit, 100 gp

Powers and Features


  • Sneak Attack: Deal 2d6 additional damage to an enemy you have combat advantage against
  • Backstab: Once per encounter, get +3 to your attack roll and 1d6 additional damage
  • Weapon Finesse: Use your DEX modifier for attack and damage rolls with light weapons
  • First Strike: You have combat advantage against anyone who hasn’t acted in this encounter
  • Eager Advance: +4 speed in the first round of combat
  • Nimble Reaction: +2 AC against opportunity attacks
  • Bold: +5 to saves against fear
  • Improved Backstab: One more usage of Backstab per encounter. Once per turn only.


  • Ambush Trick: Move, then gain combat advantage against all enemies within 5 spaces
  • Unbalancing Trick: Shift 2 spaces, knock an enemy down if you hit with a melee attack
  • Second Chance: Once per encounter, if you are hit, you can force the enemy to reroll their attack

Physical Description:

A tallfellow halfling around four feet tall and weighing 50 pounds. She’s got pretty hazel eyes, slightly pointy ears that are usually covered by her long auburn locks, and light pink skin that glows healthily which often leads to her being mistaken as a human child. Somehow managing to look impeccable as always, her clothing usually looks well-made, comfortable and yet attractive to look at. Her choices of footwear are high cut boots to store her throwing daggers in, coupled with vibrant leggings to match her cloak which is riddled with unnoticeable rogue items used in her trade. She also makes use of her long hair as means to hide needles and small dangerous trinkets. One can never say that she does not have fashion sense, nor can anyone else claim to put to use both fashion and practicality at the same time.

Personality and Traits:

Inquisitive, cheerful, animal lover, has short attention span, easily feels threatened, has an unending appetite and is frequently eating. Likes fighting dirty, literally. She will throw sand or dirt in the opponent’s eyes when she can, trip them with marbles or other floor debris (sometimes sharp metal items) in order to win battles. Talks with her hands, waving them around dramatically as she speaks. When not trying to be stealthy, she’s prone to twitching, fidgeting, and other physical indications of the need to move about.
Mild Kleptomania – Will steal from those she thinks have more than enough already.
Shrewd Merchant – Knows the value of money like the back of her hand.
Ambidextrous – Equally capable with both hands.

Background Story:

She grew up travelling to different Human and Elven cities with a clan of halflings who are traders and diplomats by trade—in the mornings and on paper, but rogue and thieves by night. With an Elven father and a Halfling mother, she doesn’t exactly look like a common halfling. And despite having mixed Elven heritage, her skills come from her Halfling mother who taught her how to survive the streets. Everyone is charmed by her looks and personality, so she never had problems in getting what she wanted every time. She is used to things going her way until she met a wandering drow elf, who seems so contrary from what is expected from their usual kind. After that encounter and realizing that the drow can see through her sly ways, she vowed to never allow anyone else to predict her. So to be unpredictable as a halfling, she donned boots to show people that not all halfling go barefoot. Then, she promised to be as capricious as possible which led her, on a whim, to travel through the lands to learn of the different ways in order to expand her knowledge and use it to her advantage.


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