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Duchy of Lund

Kingdom of Bain

Republic of Padavona

Holy Dominion Fillmore


Classes and Subclasses

Assassin: Sneaks who deliver death unseen.

  • ExecutionerMasked killers who harness shadows to slay their foes.

Cleric: The priests of the gods, messengers of faith.

  • WarpriestBringers of divine justice, prayers are their weapons.

Druid: Nature’s mystics, the bringers of balance.

  • SentinelStern defenders able to harness the fury of nature.

Fighter: Masters of weaponry and war.

  • KnightBrave defenders clad in impenetrable steel.
  • SlayerFierce attackers able to strike down the mightiest of foes.

Paladin: Crusaders whose faith is delivered by their blades.

  • BlackguardFell knights serving sinister forces.
  • CavalierMounted knights dedicated to holy justice.

Ranger: Trackers of man and beast alike.

  • HunterExpert archers and unparalleled stalkers versed in primal magic.
  • ScoutSwift fighters, dashing through the battlefield with a weapon in each hand.

Rogue: The skilled ladies and gentlemen of the realms.

  • ThiefCunning outlaws skilled with blades.

Warlock: Wielders of otherworldly power through occult pacts.

  • HexbladeEsoteric warriors of spell and sword.

Wizard: Scholars of the arcane arts.

  • MageMasters of magic, controlling the elements and clouding minds.


Travelers from the far East descended from the fabled great wyrms, they speak of a mighty Empire. Despite their strong innate beliefs in justice and honor, the dragonborn believe themselves the most perfect of beings: the true heirs to the world their forebears saw before anyone else.

Dwellers within the great mountain ranges northwest of Tieresia, these masters of stone and steam have provided the nations of Tieresia with skilled craftsmen and stalwart soldiers for centuries. The recent war has seen a greater demand for the famous dwarven technology that they guard so fiercely, and it looks as if negotiations with them are beginning to turn sour.

From the fallen empire of Arthia to the South hail these slender long-lived beings most known for their pointed ears and haughty arrogance. The dissent amongst them has shattered their once-proud unity into a set of castes and tribes.

Formerly insular traders and craftsmen, halflings have gained an untrustworthy reputation as spies and cutthroats as of late.

Fierce tribes from the frozen North, they have recently gone into prominence as highly valued mercenaries.

The majority of the Tieresian continent’s population is made up of humans, running the entire gamut from kings to rat-catchers.

It is said that there is a civil war in Hell itself, and these oddities claim to be the refugees forced out by that conflict. Their demonic visages are more than a little unsettling to other folk, but the tieflings claim that all they really seek is a new home.


  • Free Weapon Expertise Feat: At character creation, each player character gains an Expertise feat tied to their weapon or implement of choice.
  • Rulebook Access: All player base classes will be chosen from the Essentials books (i.e. Heroes of the Forgotten Lands, Heroes of Shadow, etc.). Feats (EXCLUDING multiclass feats) and equipment may be selected from the 4th edition core Player’s Handbook. Access to other rulebooks for feats and other nifty things will be granted as the game goes on (specifically, Player’s Handbook 2 will be ‘unlocked’ for Paragon Tier). Do note that at later levels, certain subclasses may choose powers from their core rulebook base classes (i.e. Cavaliers and Blackguards may gain Paladin powers later on).
  • The Rule of Cool: Action Points may also be earned for performing certain feats of awesomeness, not just from resting or achieving milestones. With the DM’s approval (or at his urging), certain rules may be bent or ‘cheated’ in favor of creating an awesome scene. For example, a player may insert certain details into their character’s post not named by the DM (i.e. a stag’s head in an inn, or a crate in an alleyway) as long as their placement is within reason (i.e. no barrels magically appearing in the lake without having been transported there, no matter how awesome you’d look jumping across them).
  • DEATH: Permanent major character death occurs at negative CON HP, or if the hit that drops the character is a critical hit. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NO RESURRECTION in this campaign, barring deals with eldritch entities from beyond the veil of time Getting your character killed means you roll one up at the same level and same equipment and magic item value.

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