Kingdom of Bain



House Velkin

True to its famous emblem featuring a rampant pegasus on a blue and white field, House Velkin is known for its noble character and fervent support for the Pelagianic faith. Boasting of the greatest amount of individual fiefdoms and the ability to raise the most men-at-arms out of all Bain’s regions, House Velkin is a bastion of military might. Its ancient stronghold, the mighty fortress Vauban, guards Snakebite Pass, one of the only ways of entry into the land of Bain from Lund.

As of recent times, Velkin has been embroiled in tensions with House Huer of Lund. The exact nature of the dispute is in question, but several villages along the border have already been sacked by marauding warbands from both factions, a fact quite uncharacteristic of Velkin.

Velkin’s leader is Graf Heinrich Velkin, a veteran warrior and a stern ruler. His wife, Sieglinde, was recently murdered by assassins sent ostensibly by political rivals. It is rumored that this particular turn of events is what triggered the outbreak of war between Velkin and Huer. His eldest daughter, Wilhelmina, was also a victim of the attack but managed to escape thanks to a faithful retainer named Yvan Muller. Currently, she is being sequestered at Vauban, awaiting potential suitors…

Graf Heinrich feels that his time is drawing near and is looking for strong individuals to protect his people and land.

Kingdom of Bain

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