A promising young swordsman who ran away from home to live a life of adventure...


“A job in the middle of nowhere that might involve a lot of fighting? I’ll take it.”

Human Slayer 3

Attributes: STR 20, CON 11, DEX 14, INT 10, WIS 8, CHA 10

Initiative: +6
Speed: 6

HP: 38; Bloodied: 16; Surges: 9 (8 HP)

AC/Fort/Ref/Will: 18/19/14/12

Basic Melee: Greatsword (plus +11 vs. AC, 1d10 plus 5 damage)
Basic Ranged: Longbow (plus +7 vs. AC, 1d10 plus 4 damage)

At-Will Powers: -
Encounter Powers: Power Strike, Heroic Effort
Utility Power: Mobile Blade, Unfettered Fury, Single Out

Trained Skills: Athletics +11, Streetwise +6, Endurance +6, Intimidate +5

Feats: Heavy Blade Expertise (campaign bonus), Heavy Armor Agility, Master at Arms, Improved Initiative

Additional Features: Heroic Slayer, Weapon Talent

Gear: Greatsword, Longbow, scale armor, standard adventurer’s kit, 100 gp

Powers and Features


  • Heroic Slayer: Damage bonus equal to your DEX mod (+2)
  • Weapon Talent: +1 to all attack rolls
  • Heavy Blade Expertise: +1 to all attack rolls with heavy blades, +2 defense against opportunity attacks
  • Heavy Armor Agility: No speed penalty for heavy armor
  • Master-at-Arms: +1 to all attack rolls, changing weapons is a minor action
  • Improved Power Strike: Gain one more usage of Power Strike per encounter. You can still only use it once per turn.


  • Power Strike: Once per encounter, upon hitting the enemy, you may gain an additional 1d10 damage.
  • Mobile Blade: Stance – _Whenever you hit, you may move a number of spaces up to your DEX mod.
  • Unfettered Fury: Stance – Gain -2 to attack, +4 to damage
  • Heroic Effort: Once per encounter, gain +4 to a skill or attack roll
  • Single Out: Once per encounter, gain Combat Advantage against a single enemy.

Strong despite his small build, and skilled with the sword despite his age, Wil has earned a little fame in the small towns he frequents to work as a sellsword. Not much is known about his past. Even the people who work with him often only know that he ran away from home at the age of 14 and was living as a sword for hire ever since. Nobody knows where he came from, or even his real name. Most people believe that he came from Bain because of his accent, and that “Wil” is probably short for William or Wilfred, both common enough names there. His swordsmanship suggests that he has received training from a master-at-arms since he was very young, and he carries with him a greatsword of excellent quality that he calls “Empyrean”, further adding to the rumors that he was a squire who ran away with his mentor’s blade.

Strong-willed and kind-hearted, with a sense for adventure, Wil only takes on jobs he wants to do. He refuses morally dubious jobs regardless of the pay, and would ask only half the price for jobs which involves helping common folk or travelling to some exciting place. He’s quite free-spirited as well. He has been asked by a few nobles to enter their service and by several knights to become their squire, but he always refuses, preferring to live by himself, and not staying in one town for too long. He’s sought after by many girls as well, but he politely turns them down, despite being close to marrying age already.

Theme: The Steel Samurai


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