The passage of time has rendered him venerable, but with nature's might and wisdom, a thirst for vengeance drives him onwards...


“Only blood shall renew the land now.”

Human Sentinel 3 (Acolyte of the Natural Cycle: Druid of Spring)

Alignment: True Neutral

Attributes: STR 11, CON 16, DEX 11, INT 12, WIS 18, CHA 8

Initiative: +7
Speed: 6

HP: 43; Bloodied: 21; Surges: 10 (10 HP)

AC/Fort/Ref/Will: 18/17/14/16

Basic Melee: Spear (plus 4 vs. AC, 1d8 damage)
Basic Ranged: Sling (plus 2 vs. AC, 1d6 damage)

At-Will Powers: Tending Strike
Encounter Powers: Improved Combined Attack, Healing Word, Heroic Effort
Utility/Daily Power: Shillelagh, Bear’s Strength

Trained Skills: Arcana 7, Heal 12, Insight 10, Nature 12, Perception 12

Feats: Spear Expertise (campaign bonus), Battlewise, Wasteland Wanderer, Toughness

Additional Features: Druid of Spring (Gerulf, Wolf Companion), Herb Lore, Watchful Rest, Primal Aspect: Primal Guardian

Gear: spear, dagger, sling, hide armor, standard adventurer’s kit, 220 gp


Physical Description

A rather unimposing human (relative to the other races, of course) to the untrained eye, further observation reveals many small details that speak of his inner strength and unshakable will. A scarred face, calloused yet firm hands and a rather feral and unsettling gaze (during those rare instances when angered), these traits of his prove that age is no reason not to be badass. Vincerius may look old and weak, but many of his foes who made that assumption never had the chance to correct their mistake. As a druid, Vincerius favors tanned leathers and furs for his standard apparel, although he sometimes resorts to wearing plain commoner clothes since many strangers often mistake him for a plain old crazy hermit (which is true for some druids, but not Vincerius). His greying and shaggy beard and hair don’t help, either.

Vincerius is often seen accompanied by a white spirit wolf with a penchant for mischief. Rumors tell of a great and ancient elf-king of the cold north having lost his trademark red cap…

Background Story

Descended from a long line of druids, Vincerius learned early on of the primal forces which bound together all of life and creation, and the means to channel that primal power. Routine lessons and supervision from his elders also ensured that he had the discipline and skill to prepare himself for donning the mantle of a druid.

Being raised among a rather large family of druids, Vincerius was never wanting of friends and attention and affection as a child. And even if his elders were strict (according to him), he never resented it. When Vincerius was of age, he formally accepted his role as a guardian of the natural order. It was during his coming of age ceremony when a wolf spirit decided to bond itself to Vincerius, further affirming and cementing his druidship in the presence of the entire grove.

Many years passed and Vincerius became the elder of the (now his) grove. His wolf companion and best friend, Gerulf, always kept him company, never failing to elicit laughter with his antics from many of the younger members of the clan. Vincerius himself often accompanied and partook of Gerulf’s little misadventures every now and then. While everyone else knew (eventually) that the half-eaten chunks of meat or the missing ritual focii were due to Gerulf’s (and by extension, Vincerius’) meddling, no one ever seemed to mind.

But none of it was to last. Whispers of impending war reached the grove, yet none save a few, including Vincerius, were troubled by the news. If the information was true, then the elder had to make plans. However, shortly before leaving for his appointed trip outside the grove, Gerulf began to behave as if in a panic and frenzy. He flitted in and out of the aether and fled the grove, prompting Vincerius to seek him out and try to pacify him. Hunting down a normal wolf takes skill (and courage), trying to find a being of both spirit and earth is another matter. But Vincerius was no regular hunter, either. The chase took no more than three days yet both had travelled leagues across the nearby ancient forests. When the druid had finally caught up with his companion, strangely enough, all seemed well for the wolf appeared normal, if a bit tired and somewhat forlorn. With a sharp yet quick admonishing, Vincerius took his wolf home.

Vincerius sensed something amiss the closer he came to his home. He ran, fear building inside him like venom from an unmilked viper. The horror which met the elder druid upon arriving at his grove almost broke him. Trees and cottages were razed to almost nothing but ash; he could sense no life in the immediate area. Foodstores were plundered, animals cruelly butchered, yet worst of all was the great grey mound at the center of the grove. As Vincerius walked closer, his sight was greeted by an unspeakable atrocity. Through his tears he could see that the smoking ruin was made up of bodies. Bodies were heaped and piled unceremoniously. Men, women and children could be seen. Bloodied, ashen, many not even whole, his fellow druids had been wantonly slain. All apparently for some food for a marching army. Vincerius’ rage and sorrow grew unfettered then and there.

For countless days he grieved and toiled alongside his now lone companion. The bodies each were arrayed as per druidic funeral customs and were buried. Vincerius thought of his home and all of his friends and family lost. Lost because of war that was now all too certain. When he had done all that he could, Vincerius took up his spear, and with Gerulf, started walking east. “East”, the spirits had told him. “East lies your revenge.”

The balance had been broken. There was hell to be paid.

Theme song: Metallica – Of Wolf and Man


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