“Steel be your penance, and death your atonement. Retribution for the Crimson Lord!”

Human Cavalier 3 (Virtue of Valor)
Alignment: Good

Attributes: STR 16, CON 14, DEX 13, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 14

Initiative: +5
Speed: 5

HP: 41; Bloodied: 20;
Surges: 12 (Heal +10 HP + 2 SoV Mod Total: 12)

AC/Fort/Ref/Will: 18 + 1 (Shield AC, Two-weapon Defense)/16/14 + 1 (Two-weapon Defense)/15

Basic Melee: Warhammers (plus + 7 (+ 1 level mod) vs. AC, 1d10 plus 4 damage)
Basic Ranged: Crossbow (plus + 4 (+ 1 level mod) vs. AC, 1d8 plus 1 damage)

At-Will Powers: Righteous Radiance, Valiant Strike, Vengeful Strike, Defender Aura
Encounter Powers: Holy Smite, Heroic Effort, Righteous Shield
Utility Power: Restore Vitality

Trained Skills:
Athletics Base + 5 (+ 3 Str Mod) (+ 1 Level Modifier) Total: + 9
Diplomacy Base + 5 (+ 2 Cha Mod) (+ 1 Level Modifier) Total: + 8
Endurance Base + 5 (+ 2 Con Mod) (+ 1 Level Modifier) Total: + 8
Heal Base + 5 (+ 1 Level Modifier) Total: +6
Perception Base + 5 (+ 1 Level Modifier) Total: +6
Religion Base + 5 (+ 1 Level Modifier) Total: +6

Feats: Master-at-Arms (campaign bonus), Two-blade Warrior, Two-weapon Fighting, Two-weapon Defense

Other Features: Spirit of Valor

Gear: 2x Warhammer, heavy shield, Crossbow, plate armor, standard adventurer’s kit, pack horse, 100 gp

Powers and Features


  • Spirit of Valor: +4 Initiative, +2 healing surge value
  • Master-at-Arms: +1 to all attack rolls, minor action to sheathe and draw a weapon
  • Two-blade Warrior: Wield one-handed weapons as offhand, training in one Ranger skill
  • Two-weapon Fighting: +1 to damage rolls
  • Two-weapon Defense: +1 Shield bonus to AC and Reflex
  • Improved Smite: One more usage of Holy Smite per encounter, but you may still only use it once per turn.


  • Valiant Strike: Attack VS AC – Gain an attack bonus equal to the number of enemies adjacent to you.
  • Vengeful Strike: Attack VS AC -If at least one bloodied ally is within 5 spaces, the target takes extra damage equal to your CHA mod.
  • Defender Aura: Minor action. Enemies subject to the aura targeting your allies suffer -2 to their attack roll.
  • Righteous Radiance: Enemies subject to your defender aura who shift or attack one of your allies take 3+CHA mod damage
  • Holy Smite: Encounter – When you hit an enemy with an at-will attack, you may deal an additional 2+CHA mod damage. If the attack hits, the target is dazed until the end of your next turn.
  • Heroic Effort: Once per encounter, gain +4 to a skill or attack roll
  • Righteous Shield: Encounter If an ally within 3 spaces of you takes damage, you may take that damage instead. Gain a +2 power bonus to attack rolls until the end of your next turn.
  • Restore Vitality: Daily, Range 1: The target regains hit points equal to your healing surge value and can make a saving throw.

Even in an order dedicated to retribution, Reinhard’s character commends utmost reverence and respect from his peers. Uncharacteristic of his profession, he doesn’t use a shield to protect himself. Retribution needs no shield, only holy fury, as he is fond of saying.

The stern face seldom knows relaxation. Even if the Ordei le Croix Rouge don’t keep their paladins under strict command (or virtue, for that matter), Reinhard seldom stops training, or helping out in the Chapel-Fortress of the Eternal Vigil, the Order’s home base in these lands. The few times he stops are the festivals held once every three months, where he tends to drink copious amounts of a particular liquor.

Outside of battle he is approachable, albeit a bit silent. People who have fought by his side tell a different story of the man they often see resting under the trees around the training grounds. They describe the sight as if they “had seen their god and his Crozius hammers tearing through the vile”.

Hailing from a town that people only know in stories of former grandeur, he was a knight-errant in a small barracks meant to stave off the occasional raider parties. The local garrison was under supervision of the town’s Lord, a person only remembered in whispers. Prior to his title, the lord had pulled together the starving frontier town and turned it around by establishing a port and a lush vineyard, transforming the town into a small city dedicated to trade.

The young Reinhard was the son of the City Guard Captain, trained from childhood to wield swords proficiently on either hand. He had proven himself worthy of being elevated to knight-errant under the Lord’s guidance after helping to fend off a small raiding party. He was assigned to a unit tasked with guarding the lord’s offspring.

Caught up during the realm divide a nearly a decade ago, the port town was visited by an envoy of a nearby warlord. They demanded that the town renounce allegiances and pay tribute. Upon refusal, the port town was ransacked by the warlord’s army. The young knight-errant had drawn a sword on his left hand, and grabbed a shield with his right to let his charges slip away. The enemy warriors had fallen under his blade so far, until a large barbarian with a bladed mace managed to knock his sword to the ground. He then promptly turned to the shield and hammered it with repeated blows, shredding the steel shield with each blow and covering Reinhard’s right arm with shallow cuts from the shrapnel.

Nearby, a war priest of the Croix Rouge had emerged, the last of his energies sapped from healing others. Seeing the boy fending off a warrior twice his size, he promptly threw his warhammer at the assailing barbarian, stunning him for a second. He healed the boy and fell unconscious, his last energies spent.

Seeing this, the boy took the sword and hammer and jumped up to the back of the barbarian, bashing his head with the hammer and cutting his throat with the sword.

The boy carried the priest with his newly-healed arm and discovered that the scars had remained. The town had been razed. Those who didn’t die from the armies were healed by the priest, but the amount of bodies that still wore the empire’s colors were still great; only a handful had escaped. His family lay burning in his house, swords drawn, ready to defend their town. The lord was down and clinging to his last breath for news of his family. When Reinhard told the lord that the Lady and her children had fled, the lord gave him a warhammer with his sigil and let out a sigh of relief. Along with the sigh, his spirit also released. Reinhard fled the town filled with dead and flame, getting sparse supplies and a small horse in the way.

A few days after, the warpriest awoke. Barely conscious, he told the boy to take him into the Chapel-Fortress of his order, some three days away for a horse in full gallop. There both were healed. Reinhard had heard that the town was burnt down to ashes, without a single body saved from the flames.

The skilled young man found his new home in the Chapel-Fortress, silently training, waiting for the day he will be tasked by the Order Master to undergo his quest for Retribution: Take the head of the warlord that reduced his town to soot and tinder.

It is rumored that the surviving townsfolk are scattered along the land, along with the Lady and her children.

Theme Song: Kawai Kenji – Emiya


Tieresia : The Seven Year War Marden