Tieresia : The Seven Year War

What is this campaign all about?

It is the year 381 of the Kallastian calendar. After three centuries of relative peace, chaos envelops the land as the once-proud Kallast Empire lies shattered into warring factions. The last emperor of the Osbourne line lies dead on a nameless battlefield. The Western Alliance, formed by the wealthy Republic of Padavona and the just Duchy of Lund have reached a stalemate against the vast Holy Dominion of Fillmore, the mighty Kingdom of Bain and the newly formed independent state of Bellars.

All across the land, war rages. Fierce bandits and foul barbaric tribes from the hills despoil the villages with impunity. The dead lie unquiet in their graves. Power-hungry individuals form deals with infernal figures to fuel the fires of their ambition.

It is a time for steel, for heroes forged in the tides of battle.

The Seven-Year War is an open-ended campaign for 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. The PCs start off as mercenaries, warriors or assorted scum looking for employment in the war-torn continent of Tieresia. They soon find themselves drawn into the complex web of relationships between the various warring factions and the people who form them. Beneath it all, a dark power starts to stir and threatens to envelop the world in chaos.

Will this unlikely band of individuals manage to bring victory to the just? Or will they reforge the realm in their own image? Or does this age herald the end of the known world?

Play will be done through a combination of forum play-by-post and live sessions through Gametable and Yahoo Messenger.

Tieresia : The Seven Year War

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